"Thanks for making it possible to continue doing what I love. It might have been just another day for you and your team, but it was a life changing experience for me." - JBG

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"Friendly efficient staff and great products. Their orthotics are top quality and made right there in the store. I won't go anywhere else now that I found them." - GP

Custom Orthopedic & the Walk Shoppe wants to do things differently.  We want to help you learn about your feet...that is, we want to help you understand the WHY behind your orthotic and shoe selections, not just "Make the Sale".  We have found that people that have a better understanding about their conditions and treatment options are far more likely to have better results! That's why we don't sell you anything on this site.  If you have other questions, please click on the 'contact us' section at the top of our page!

"What kinds of problems can orthotics help with?"  - Good question!  Orthotic devices and properly selected footwear can help with a variety of conditions including:  Foot pain, back pain, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, sore knees, sore hips, leg length discrepancies, hammer toes, claw toes, bunions, shin splints, metatarsalgia, pronation, flat feet, supination, high arches and much more!  We are also certified fitters for compression therapy hosiery, and believe us, they're not the "Baba Socks" you think they are!    Call us today to book your appointment for a consultation. 

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Welcome to Custom Orthopedic & The Walk Shoppe web site.  Our goal in not to sell you product here, but rather, to teach you a little bit about orthotics and footwear.  Plus we have some fun and

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We have been keepin' you on your feet for more than 25 year Edmonton!. From our selection of quality footwear to our hand crafted custom foot orthotics we're here to help. 

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